Boot Camp preparation


I will be attending the boot camp this next weekend in Minneapolis. I am really excited and looking forward to this and want to get all I can out of it. For those of you who have attended past boot camps, what would you recommend I do in advance to prepare myself for this?

Should I bring anything? notebook for notes? anything else??

Frank, is there anything that you would like to see your students do prior to attending? I do have the home study course, and have read through it several times.

I am also looking forward to meeting and talking with other like minded investors to discuss the business.

I am beside myself excited, haven’t been like this since Christmas eve as a kid!


All you have to bring is an open mind, because you’re probably going to learn that the type of park you want to buy is not what you thought you would want to buy when you walked in. The best preparation is to read as much of the course as you can and show up with a list of 100 questions ready to go. The event is Q&A throughout and questions lead to even better discussion.

See you this Friday!


I’m also excited to be attending the Minneapolis boot camp! I look forward to meeting everyone there and learning as much as possible over the three days. Safe travels to Minnesota!