Bookkeeper Recommendations


I am looking for a bookkeeper for my small park portfolio and would really appreciate any recommendations. Thanks


I would be interested in talking with you further.


Hello Baker. I’m an accountant, so I’m going to be doing all my own bookkeeping after I purchase my first park. What are you looking to do?


Hey Baker, not only have I been an accountant for mobile home park owners, real estate investors, syndications, and private equity funds, but I’ve also done the tax planning and preparation for these companies. In addition to this, I was at the New Orleans boot camp this year. There’s nothing I’m loving more than the accounting and tax benefits of mobile home parks. I’d be happy to be a resource.


@ksmoot Are you a licensed CPA? Are you also familiar with QB and Rent Manager? IF so… PM me please.


Hi Baker,
IMO, there is no need to pay CPA rates for bookkeeping. The CPA can help you set up the system, do the taxes, and consult on questions that come up. All the weekly/monthly data entry, reconciling, etc. can be done by someone who is not a CPA at a much lower hourly cost. If you know how to do your bookkeeping, you can train almost anyone with decent computer and math skills, who is conscientious and has attention to detail. With that in mind, just advertise locally and interview as many people as you can. Try the best one, then if they don’t work, repeat the process until you find one that sticks. That’s my two cents. Good luck to you!


Hi everyone! I am also looking for a CPA familiar with the mobile home park business. My park is in Montana, but I live in Washington State. My preference would be to work with someone familiar with those states.

Thanks for any leads.