Best value for skirting

Where do you get your skirting? There is a local mobile home parts store near my park but the prices are high. Lowes sells Vinyl skirting for 11$ a sheet. That seems to be the best i can find.

Lowes Link :

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You can buy everything you ever need at Purchasing Platform – lowest prices in U.S. and they even track everything you buy for you so you know how much you have in each home. Ships directly to your park. It’s basically a coop for park owners. Almost all larger portfolios have changed to this service, but you can join with just one park. Best deal for new skirting on earth.

If you don’t have to use new skirting, however, you can also adapt many of the parts at the local used building supply place. We’ve skirted homes with everything from fiberglass greenhouse roofing to patterned metal. As long as you paint it one color to compliment the home, it looks fine. However, on the most visible homes in the park (corner lots) I’d stick with the vinyl – it will impress the appraiser,


I only use metal roofing material for skirting. It is the best option longevity wise. Stands up to lawnmowers and trimmers.


Thank you both , I will look into your recommendations

Just as another option, I’ve used Skirting Direct with good results. Shipping may offset the savings though if you’re not doing multiple homes. Their skirting calculator is also helpful. Basic vinyl is currently $8 per 12-foot panel.


I use Blevins for most of my mobile home materials I can’t get from Lowes.
If memory serves me correct, I’m thinking I pay around 9 bucks for a 12ft sheet.

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what about me so I do 95% of my purchases on Amazon. You can always sort by price and quality. I think I saw a good skirting there at a lower price.
Of the materials for the repair, I ordered various things there, but to be honest, I took the skirting at a local store that does not even have its own website.