Back Rent on Auction Foreclosure Home

I’m interested in bidding on a foreclosed mobile home in a park. The seller (lender) has stated that the buyer is responsible for all back taxes and lot rent. I checked with the County and there are 2 years of back taxes owed. But I’m unable to find any information about back lot rent. The park does not have a physical office and my phone call (voicemail) has gone unanswered. I own a park a few miles away and have had people sell (and subsequently remove) homes owing back lot rent. When I spoke with an attorney, he said my only recourse was to sue the person who incurred the original debt. Without a lien, I was unable to touch the home. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience in this regard. State is GA. Thank you for any input.

The weather has been sort of odd the last few days. But if it has been over a week then look up the owner and give him / her a call on his mobile. I know I would appreciate knowing someone isn’t picking up the phone.