Auction...Bid...Mobile Home...Repossessed...By Ditech Financial LLC...Thanks!

    “Has anyone purchased a repossessed Mobile Home from Ditech Financial LLC?”

For our Mobile Home Parks we have purchased some used Mobile Homes.

The majority of the Mobile Homes were purchased from the Individual Owners.

However, we have purchased one Mobile Home from a Mortgage Company with no issues.

We recently created an online account with Ditech Financial LLC to bid on one of their repossessed Mobile Homes.

We were able to log into the online account and make a bid with no error messages.

However, the “Bid” never appeared in our account.

On the website Ditech directs all issues to the Asset Manager / REO Assistant.

When contacted the Asset Manager / REO Assistant said:
1.) They did not “know” why the bid did appear online
2.) They “did see” the bid in their database
3.) We were not the “highest” bidder
4.) We could increase our bid by “calling” them

One of my previous jobs was a Quality Assurance Analyst for a Computer Software Company.

By having a Computer Database, a Username & Password and the ability to “enter” a bid online…why in the world would a person need to call an employee to increase their bid?

A person should be able to login online; see their bid; increase their bid (if they desire).

It seems that Ditech just wanted to pit bidders against each other by having them “call” the Ditech employee to increase their bid (and then the Ditech employee would let them know that they still were not the highest bidder).

To be fully transparent Ditech could just use eBay as their online system if they wanted others to know that they were not the highest bidder or create a Database similar to eBay to use.


So you’re saying that Ditech’s tech died when you used it???

Thanks for warning the community…


@jhutson, hopefully others have had /or/ will have their bid actually appear on their website.

Unfortunately, some companies associated with Mobile Homes are not necessarily the most ethical or honest.

In the past year we have been blessed with 9 organic move-ins of Mobile Homes.

We offer the following:

  • Lot Rent: 2 Free Months - (Actually, we do not pro-rate the Lot Rent so it is 2+ Months of Free Lot Rent)
  • $100 Referral Check
  • Paperwork/Process: Helping Mobile Home Owners with the whole process of moving and setting up a Mobile Home (not necessarily the easiest process in the world)

As I have helped with these 9 organic move-ins I have watched people try to take advantage of our future Tenants.

When I see others try to take advantage of our future Tenants, I will stand as their advocate.

Now, please do not get me wrong…I am all about Business. You do Business for us and we will pay you. We do Business for you and we expect payment.

However, there are a lot of shady individuals out there trying to make an unfair buck.

We wish you all the best!


@Kristin please keep me posted on the process. I was looking into purchasing on from them


@tyam75, thanks for your post.

Here are the details:

  • Bid Due Date Deadline: October 25, 2017 - (Bid Entered)
  • Ditech Bid Review Deadline: October 26, 2017 - (No Word From Ditech)
  • Ditech Must Receive All Funds: No Later Than October 30, 2017

We did not hear any word from Ditech about our Bid, so we obviously were not the highest bidder. If we were the highest bidder, Ditech most certainly would have wanted us to “show them the money” :slight_smile: .

If the Winning Bidder does not pony up all funds by today, they will go to the next highest bidder.

@tyam75, if you are interested in a Ditech Mobile Home, go for it. You do not have to give any money to sign up as a bidder.

Maybe you will be able to get a Mobile Home at a great price. :slight_smile:

We wish you the very best!


Hello Kristin,

Will you post a link to the page on Ditech’s web site where you can bid on repos?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


@TammyReyes , as per your post:

  • “Will you post a link to the page on Ditech’s web site where you can bid on repos?”

I just tried the old website link for Ditech that we used and received the following:

We wish you the very best!


UPDATE - AS OF 4/25/18:

We actually ended up purchasing this Mobile Home Repo from Ditech.

Previously, there was a higher Bidder on the Mobile Home. However, the Higher Bidder selected not to pony up the cash.

Thus, we ended up wiring the cash to Ditech around Thanksgiving 2017.

We did have lots of other costs associated with the Mobile Home (some standard…some not so standard…first time we paid for “User Fees”…which was just another County Tax):

  • Old Lot Rent
  • Old Lot Clean Up
  • Moving, Setup & Connecting Utilities
  • Taxes - Old
  • Taxes - New
  • User Fees - (County Tax)
  • Certificate: Wind Zone II
  • Permits: Moving, Connection & Electrical
  • New Stairs
  • New Underskirting

We wish you the very best!