[ASSIGNMENT AVAILABLE] South Carolina Long-Term Stay RV Park __ 50 Sites + 100% Occupancy


Equal Housing Group has a new Mobile Home / Long-Term Stay RV Park under contract in South Carolina being offered up for assignment.

Please visit our wholesale package here for further details.

DOCUMENT LINK: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zC77slofdixxeaLGDx6r3vWuYliZ_TLTOelCJlLnFeg/edit?usp=sharing

MHP/RV Quick Facts
Sites : 50
Occupied Sites : 50
Water Supply : City
Sewer Supply : Septic
In-Place CAP Rate : 9.54%
Upside CAP Rate : 12.51%
Avg. Tenant Stay: 2+ Years (85% of Tenants are Long Term / Permanent)

Asking Price : $1,050,000

If you are interested in the assignment, respond to this email or reach out to the contact information listed in the linked wholesale document.

Gabe & the EHG Team

Cell: 253-525-2128
Email: gabe@greatnorthwesthomebuyers.com