Are you Guaranteeing Utilities to utility company?

Hey all and thank you in advance for your input. Do you guarantee utilities to be paid to utility company if tenants don’t? Specifically for POHs? Have a tenant that apparently hasn’t paid gas since last August and utility company had previous owner on hook for it and they just let us know?

Has that utility company shared a copy of the agreement they made with the Park to co-sign for utilities? You’re going to need to see if that agreement is legal and binding.

If the utility didn’t get a deposit or letter of credit, why is that your problem? Why didn’t they turn it off in September last year?


I’d have to be convinced that guaranteeing a tenant’s personal obligation benefits the park owner in any way.

I worked for a huge public utility for three decades. The usual arrangement in states where we allowed guarantors was a personal contact — a friend or relative. And , in frankness, the utility is better off with a cash deposit.

So after a couple phone calls it wasn’t exactly that previous owner guaranteed utilities although he made it out that way(he’s turning 103 in about a week). It was an arrangement where if someone moved out the utility would automatically be put back into his name so as to not lose heat in middle of winter and he didn’t call and disable this function after sale. Then a tenant moved in and there was some confusion in switching back out of his name and into theirs.