Any suggestions on what to call my new park


I am closing on my first park in Fl. The current park is run down. The park is in an country setting but about 10 min drive to the interstate. I currently have to clean the park up and get rid of many unqualified tenants. Any suggestions on a name for the park ? Will a park name attract better future tenants ?


I’ve been thinking lately that we don’t offer a “park”, etc. But a neighborhood. Not sure how to put that into words for a park name, though. But we are darn sure “selling” to our tenants a clean, safe neighborhood to live in. (Well, we should be doing that…still way too many slumlords in this business.)


IT would be helpful to know more about the surroundings, district, landscape etc.

What I would not have in the name is Park, Mobile Home, Trailer, Community etc. Anything in reference to the type of community will cause the name to stigmatise the community.


On my park signs I am putting “A Community of Owners” under the name so it is something like:

River Run
A Community of Owners

“Mobile Home Park” is to state the obvious and is kind of a put down; “A Community of Owners” is a statement of pride.

I’ve also taken “Park” out of the names and use “Place” instead, since it is the kind of hoity toity, BS names you see on housing developments. Why not – it doesn’t cost any more to sound a little classier. You can use “Park” in a high end housing development or a class A apartment community’s name and sound classy – “Brightberry Park”. But on a sign in front of a mobile home park, not so much.


You could call it something catchy based on the area its in, like the mentions above…

Since I don’t know what city / rural area you are in you could call it

County Estates
(city) Homes
Country Meadows

I agree with not naming it anything related to Trailer, Mobile Home Park, Manufactured Housing Community or anything wordy like that. Short and eyecatching professional and relevant.

You could call it PartyTown but I don’t think you’ll get the quality tenants you are looking for.

You might get inspiration from looking at some of the higher end planned gated communities surrounding you and see what they call themselves. I mean stick build gated communities. They usually have some great names that could bring some inspiration. :slight_smile:

Randy’s idea is good. Elevates it from the status quo and makes it sound better.


Yes, Barbra, and a good way to do that is to do an image search for apartment community signs and housing development entrances. They have really gotten good at that.


I’m under contract on a mobile home park right now and I’m thinking of changing the name as well. What are the steps to officially RE-name a mobile home park once you close on one?