Any install Metron Meters and have issues with them

Anyone install Metron water meters. I know they are touted as a great deal but I have installed them in 2 of my parks and have found them to be inconsistent. They have stopped reading multiple times. I am wondering if I am the only one who has had issues with them.

We’ve had many issues with them. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone


Who else would you recommend? We are about to install in one of our parks so would love any insight to other companies.

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The company we switched to is Innovative Lease Services. We just switched so I wouldn’t say I’d recommend them. ILS integrates with rent manager I’m told so hopefully it works out because Metron was a horrible misadventure for us and it cost us a lot of money and time.


Are you sure thats the correct name. That is coming up as an invoice factoring company.

What issues have you had? I have them installed at one park and the initial onboarding was not great. The only complaint is that they do not have the rent manager integration finished yet.

Shoddy install work that required multiple rounds of installing, the service only worked half of the time, and unresponsiveness. I’m only heard about a fraction of the frustrations as I’m not involved day to day.

Innovative Lease Services is who took over the lease on our equipment. @WhiteTrashGator . I have no idea who we use but I’m pretty sure our operations team went through Rent Manager to take over the meter project through a 3rd party integration. Dave Hurtt ( is our rep and he’s excellent.

Who did your installs?

Are you saying that you replaced your Metron meters with another brand? If yes, what did you switch to?

We have Metron meters and have also had some that just stop reporting and are unsure why. That’s really the only issue we’ve had with the meters themselves. We had a lot of issues with the installation and customer service though. For those of you that have Metron meters, which company does your reporting? Metron or another company?

RE: Anyone install Metron water meters.

We receive meter readings/data from Metron , and we provide the billing/ collections and customer service for several MHPs. The data provided is very good, however the remote reading is proprietary (only Metron can retrieve the readings) and direct access via the cloud (for customer consumption/leak analysis) is not available to the actual billing service.

There are many alternatives for remote reading and billing services, many offer open access and or non-proprietary software.

“ We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions "

Does anyone have any other recommendations aside from Metron?

Im sure others have tried to find “Innovative Lease Services” as mentioned by Charles D with no luck.




We specialize in sub-metering MHP throughout the US and have sub-metered many MHPs owned by member of mobile home university.

"We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions”

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