Any experiences with someone refusing to leave rv space in mobile home park after eviction?


Hi. We evicted a lady who has been living in her travel trailer in an rv spot (she brought in a pitt bull and a bunch of cats, knowing full well she was only authorized to have ONE pet cat). The judge gave her the usual 10 days to get out off the property and Sunday, May 5th, will be the 10th day. If she is not gone by Monday morning I will file the writ of possession and have a deputy come out to make her leave (that could take a few days). The manager said that if she doesn’t take the trailer out he will lock it up himself and not let her take it unless she pays what she owes. Can he do that?

The last person we evicted from an rv spot had a “driveable” rv, so was able to drive it away when the sheriff came out and forced him to leave.

But this woman had to have someone haul her trailer in and I am concerned that she didn’t get someone to haul it OUT and may try to stall on Monday. I know the sheriff can MAKE her leave, but I don’t know what to do about the trailer if she fails to take it out. I meant to stop at the sheriff’s office and ask yesterday, but forgot.

Have any of you had any experience with this situation?

Ann (in N. Carolina)


It’s kind of the same as a regular mobile home, or similar at least. I’m in Illinois so your mileage may vary. Officially, allegedly, according to our ex sheriff, to evict from a tenant owned home, I would have had to get the mobile home removed to a storage lot and then go for mechanics (storage) lien to get the title. P.I.T.A., but otherwise tenant would still be allowed access and use of their home, on my lot, that they weren’t paying for. (Seriously.)

Check with the sheriff’s office and/or a local lawyer, but a pretty normal tow truck company should be able to come get the travel trailer and store it and then they go for the title, just like an abandoned car.


Wow, hope you didn’t have to go through that.
Fortunately, the woman left with no problems. Glad of that. She seemed nice in the beginning, but realized later that she could be a hassle to deal with. After being served, she would walk her dog right in front of the manager, then pull it away, saying, “stay away from him, he doesn’t like you”. And then walking all around the park workshop/shed, letting it poop, as well as neighboring yards. I told the manager that she’s trespassing and could call the sheriff but he just let it go since she was leaving anyway.