Another Novice Topic: Putting Homes on Dirt


So when I generally think about parks, I think about putting homes on concrete pads.

We have one under contract, and the issue is now - the “pads” are dirt, not concrete. We obviously couldn’t see that on the due diligence onsite as due diligence in Wisconsin in January means -10 degrees and a foot and a half of snow.

However, Google Maps shows the pads as dirt. Below are maps.

Is there an issue with this?


It will be up to the local municipalities. Where my park is located, they don’t mandate a concrete pad. I don’t think this is uncommon


If you put in new Homes you will be required to install at least a pier foundation


There should not be exposed dirt.
The dirt should be covered with a lawyer of gravel and a plastic cover.


I think it is actually up to the state enforcement agency (which can follow HUD rules or have its own). You will want to find out who regulates the installation of Manufactured Homes and find out what they say. Your state MHA will know this.


Contact Amy Bliss at the Wisconsin Housing Alliance. 608 255 3131. She can get you in the right direction.


Regardless which state you are in, you should always inquire with the state requirements as well as get familiar with the base national HUD guidelines. I have installers licenses in multiple states and the requirements from state to state will vary.

Please take that into account when you get feedback. Erik Hanson is correct - Amy Bliss is the best resource in WI. In fact, the WI MHA is the best association IMO.

Regarding WI, there are different requirements for pre and post 2007 homes. Pre 2007 basically defaults to base HUD guidelines - level lot, no vegetation, soil strength requirements, etc. This is very simple. In this case it can be exposed to dirt, however, its always wise to put a vapor barrier underneath.

Post 2007 is where it becomes more difficult as you will need to deal with frostlines, etc. The types of WI state approved sets are concrete slab, concrete piers, frost free or frost protected shallow foundations (some caveats) or HUD approved helical piles.

Also, its best to check with the home manufacturers DAPIA for approved systems.

Hope that helps.