Alternatives to American Leak Detection?


Has anyone used an alternative for American Leak Detection. I am in Nebraska and the closed American Leak Detection is Tulsa. Thanks!


Not sure if these guys travel to NE but they are who I use in Iowa and they do a great job.

Westrum Leak Detection Inc.
3226 360th Street
Stratford, IA 50249
Phone: 515-838-2222 or Toll-free: 888-500-4433
Fax: 515-838-2225
Noel Westrum - Troy Westrum


Water Leaks are like a game of Wack-A -Mole, You fix one and two more pop up !

Move the responsibility of addressing leaks to your residents.

For example, We just sub-metered a MHP in Tampa, individual home water usage indicated leaks in most of the 50 older MHs. Manager immediately fixed park owned homes, Resident owned homes were notified, but didn’t fix the leaks (toilet flappers 95%) until they received their initial and sometimes second bill: Not surprisingly, after three billing cycles the MHP’s water/sewer usage has dropped by @ 25%.

We’re here to answer your water sub-metering questions.

Dan Helton
Southern Water Management