Advertisng for managers


I think I need a new onsite manager for one of my parks. I don’t seem to be getting the performance out of her and the problems seem to be increasing. I don’t want her to know that I’m looking. What is the best way to look for new managers? I don’t believe that any of the residents would be good at it.


You could try craigslist but not list any identifying information in the advertisement


Thank you. That is what I am doing with an “Investor Group.” On CL.


We used Zip Recruiter and found a great manager. It is a little pricey, but it was much more fruitful than Craigslist.


What state are you located in? I’m in Georgia and just hired someone, but had a very good prospective second. I would be glad to refer him to you if interested.


The park is in Ohio.


When you say pricey, like how much?


Do you recall how much you paid?


Free rent, we pay all utilities and they get $400 per month.