Adding lots to a park in an unincorporated area


I’m looking at a park in OK that’s on the small side but about half the land in the park is unused. The town is in a good metro area but the town itself is unincorporated and has no zoning restrictions. I don’t have any experience in this area, so can I just develop the other half of the park without input from the city? Or do I have to go through the county? Any advice from someone who has done this would be much appreciated.


Just my opinion… but I once owned a park outside of city limits and any improvements and site expansion we did had to go through the county. I would find out who has jurisdiction over that area and pay them a visit to find out what will be required and/or permitted before I started spending money.


For OK. the biggest problem will be DEQ. Your water source could be put in question if wells or even if city water they will want a large connection fee beyond your present 30 sites. You might even be forced to an aerobic system which could cost $8,000 to $10,000 which legally is for ONLY ONE home–if septic your cost could still be very expensive with the new DEQ standards. Is the town just north of Tulsa–Bartlesville??? The market in Ok. is very diverse and the area of growth is RV parks as well as the rest of the USA–most mobile home parks only infill is by park owners bringing homes in versa RV parks home owners are bringing nice NEW homes and our parks are full.


Cities usually claim a certain “ETJ” extra territorial jurisdiction around themselves. But you say the town is unincorporated so what kind of thing would you have to go through? You’d probably not want “town hall” against you.


Thanks for the responses.

@carl No it’s not north of Tulsa.

@Brandon I’m not really sure exactly what I’d have to go through. I’ll contact the county first and see what their thoughts are. I don’t even have the park under contract or anything, I wouldn’t make an offer if I couldn’t expand this particular park.


I would’t do anything without contacting the county/city. I would also visit and talk with everyone in there on different days. Its always been my experience that you get different answers depending on the day and who you talk to.


@WhiteTrashGator I’d say that’s probably good advice. Do you mean speak to the county people or residents?


County or city. You have to usually talk to a few before you find the one who actually knows something.