Adding a parking area


I have a high density park, and the parking has gotten really impacted

Meanwhile, I have a large grassy area near the center of the park that abuts the road.

It seems like a no brainer to convert at least part of the grassy area into overflow/guest parking and relieve some of the congestion on the streets.

I figure the three main options for paving would be:
-Gravel (cheapest)
-Asphalt (would then match the road)

My plan was to then line the perimeter of the parking lot with a decorative white vinyl fence to try and make it look better.

Has anyone done this before? Any thoughts or suggestions? Any recommendations on gravel vs asphalt vs concrete?


County chip seal is less expensive than asphalt and cheaper to fix. Make sure you post private property tow sign and rules so it is not car/boat storage


Thanks, I’ll call some paving companies and ask for chip and seal quotes!

And good call on the storage. I was going to distribute a notice to residents reminding them that nonrunning vehicles have to be removed or they’ll be towed. No sense spending $10,000 on a new parking area only have it filled up with $50 non running jalopies.


There’s a company out of Houston making a product called TrueGrid. I’m considering using it for a similar application.


Interesting Kris, thanks for the link. I’ve reached out to them for a quote. Keep us updated please if you move forward on how it goes.