Abandoned Homes & Title Transfers - Who do you use?


How are you processing your titles?


As far as I know thats an in house activity. What state?


Realistically all states. I work with a company that processes titles for large and small MHC/MHPs. Really just gauging how some companies/individuals are processing their work.

Recently we’ve had a consistent influx of clients due to acquisitions, inquire about this service. I ask this question because I want to see what problems people might be running into. I know title processing can be pretty fickle, specially since each DMV has different procedures and laws to follow per state.

Currently the market see’s a lot of abandoned mobile homes and evictions, the DMV is very quick to reject title applications if they are not done correctly. This ends up costing the broker/investor/park more money than anticipated. We mitigate these issues for our clients by providing a platform that is essential for cost effectiveness and productivity.



Do you have a fee schedule by state for your services? Or is this a time & materials thing?



We do have a fee schedule by state. Exact costs from the DMV are passed on to the client, Snickfish only charges a nominal admin fee for processing the titles.

Dorys heads our Title Dept. She is a great point of contact and has been in the industry over 10 years. If there’s anyone who can spearhead titles in any state, it’s her.

Give her a shout if you have a chance - dorys@snickfish.com or 865-724-2989 (local)


Very interesting… Thanks for sharing.


@Marvel_Equity - Anytime, thank you for reading!

Share this with some people you think might be having trouble in that department.


Very nice! Will be using this in the future.


@KennyG1700 - Thank you sir, let me know. I am here to help in any capacity possible!