A city in ohio disobey grandfather law. Does it worth pursuing?

This particular park in Ohio is built in 1950 and currently zone office/business so It’s legal non-conforming.

The city people say " You can’t move mobile home in. Those vacant lot has been emptied for longer than 6 month hence losing non conforming status "

I know there is a case in Lodi ,Ohio that park owners won big time against the city. However, the park I have under the contract is small <50 pads and wondering if it’s worth suing the city for not allowing mobile home to move in.

Typically yes if the numbers work for the park. You should listen to this podcast: https://www.mobilehomeuniversity.com/mhp-mastery/2018/episode-34-the-legal-side-to-mobile-home-park-ownership.php

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How much should I budget for those kind of litigation?

Probably a question for an attorney but if Ohio has case law already it should fare well for you.

Do the numbers and evaluate the health of a 70 year old park before you proceed. If the homes have not been replaced with new homes within the past 20 years or the older homes have not been renovated and well maintained by home owners then it may be a community at the end of it’s life.
If it is at the end of it’s life are you prepared to turn it around, is there enough profit in a full turn around project.
The question is not “what is the cost of a fight” but rather is the community financially worth saving.
Remember you are not investing in parks to provide affordable house you are investing to make money.

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