55+ Parks: How many are there?


Hi Friends - Has anyone seen good data on how many 55+ parks are in existence? There are websites like seniormobiles.com and mhvillage that list out senior parks, but they don’t seem all-inclusive (in the case of the former) and/or accurate (the latter).

I’m considering building out a team to go acquire 55+ parks but don’t want to waste time if there are only, say, 500 outside of FL and CA, half of which are owned by ELS and Sun.

Thanks in advance!


Need to clarify IF MH or RV parks or combination of both. If MH parks Sun and similar have bird dogs giving then Intel on any new property acquisition available also heavily involved in RV parks. Good +55 parks plan on 5 cap or less. Please if there are such properties over 6 cap we are READY to pay cash;NOW!!!


Anyone willing to share with Carl, send to me instead and I’ll pay a 5.9% cap!


Oh really rjohn; let’s play Russian roulette we’ll look at anything less 5.4% cap and have 5 days for DD and than cash–interesting to see there are NO SELLERS going to do it for a 5 cap since they cannot find a good replacement property. Presently there are to many buyers with cash looking for decent returns, although notice good farmland reaching a near 5 cap and triple NNN like Dollar General at +6 cap where both need NO management time or worrying about POH’s is looking very appealing. As Mr. Buffett says “buy when there is blood in the streets” That time happened in 2009–will happen again!!!


Ok you win :wink:

Tell the sellers they can roll their gains into opp zone funds and then they don’t have to find replacement properties.