3BED/2BATH DUPLEX MODEL for Mobile Home Parks


Our company specializes in revitalizing mobile home parks. We offer Storage Container tiny homes with a twist. Our 3 bedroom/2bath model Duplex fits in the 16x80 footprint of the average mobile home park lot. So you get better quality housing plus you can double your income on the same space. Our 3bed/2bth duplex has a foot print of 16x40 it is a two story model. Contact me for details. rollslimoguy@yahoo.com Thanks Rod


Do you guys have a website?


Have you sold these into MHPs before? How do you deal with licensing since these are not HUD label homes?

On what basis do you claim “Storage Container tiny homes” are better quality? Are the storage containers “new” or “used” prior to being converted into housing?

How are they installed (foundation? tied down?) and most importantly, what is the expected cost of a 2-story 16x40 unit?

In what way would 2 units fit in a 16x80 space? Back to back or side entrances or what? Melded together end-to-end?

Do you have any sample pictures?


Brandon, I was wrong on the Duplex. We do not offer a Duplex. I was in error. My boss and I were talking about mobile home parks, then he switched to townhomes. That is what the Duplex is used for. The Duplex is a 2 story and once it is installed, or set up, it is not moveable so it does not conform to mobile park rules. I am sorry for the confusion. Believe me I have been hearing about it all day. We do offer container homes in size of 20ft, 40ft and 53ft. I think my comment on quality was compared to some mobile homes. These homes are built from used containers. They are all cleaned and sterilized before building. If you would like to see them email me for the website. Thanks Rod.


Yes we do, can you email me for website. Thanks Rod.


@RWD Why e-mail you for the website? Post the link here so we can all independently go check it out.


My company doesn’t give me a website, so I want to try to keep track of who goes there. I have no way to track someone if they go to the website and make a purchase. If that happens I don’t get paid for the sale. It is a pain, I know. Rod


Wondering about cost but feel creepy about having to send my email address.


@RWD Anyone trading without a website sounds a bit off to me! I hope you are not harvesting emails to sell!

How about setting up a google form for storing submissions. Or signup and get a basic Wordpress site for free, and post the a form on there.


PS: if you are looking in Texas and I am allowed to mention - please check out some 3bed/2bath mobile homes here. These are friends of mine and I think they will serve you well. I think they are Christians too - if that makes a difference.