~140 lot park (Ohio) at sheriff sale. Out of my price range, how to find partners?


Just found the listing by going through county sheriff sales. Sale is on November 30th. Just a quick count on google maps shows about 140 lots 34 empty. Streetview is not available, however I can drive over and through it easily. I would like to hear ideas on how to finance it, or I would need to find partners for it.

Obviously this is all pending on determining the value of the park. From what I can currently find (quick search) the park is city water sewer (individually metered) and lot rent is $228.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s comments. Especially with the sale date pending.


What are the terms of a foreclosure sale in OH?


At the price it would be $10k due at the sale and closing within 30 days is typical.


That would be extremely difficult to get DD and loan conditions completed.


I sent you a private message.


Adam -

Please PM details on the available park. We may have interest in acquiring or a JV.




What do you think the value is?


The property sold at auction