Zoning approval to operate as a fully functioning mobile home park

Hello all,

I am wondering how difficult it would be to get zoning approval to operate as a fully functioning mobile home park on a currently licensed mobile home park? Or can someone steer me to a prior forum topic discussing this? I tried to look at past forum discussions, and did not see anything close to this topic.

Not sure about others, but this does not make sense to me. If you are zoned as a mobile home park, then whether your are fully functioning or partially functioning (not that I know the difference but I assume it means 100% occupancy versus < 100% occupancy), it does not matter. Either you are zoned or you are not for that use. If you are a operational mobile home park on land that is not zoned as mobile home park, and you want to change the zoning, then you would have to speak to the local officials or a land use attorney to get your answer. Some jurisdictions will fight you every step of the way and others may be more generous.

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@mPark I said the same thing. Does not make sense. Being “Licensed as a mobile home park, but must get zoning approval to FULLY function” as a mobile home park. I am awaiting more info from the County Officials. Once I get more information, I will repost the response here. Thanks for your response!