Zillow for Selling Homes

3 months in and I continue to learn more about this industry and selling homes. Winter sucks. :smiley:

I’ve seen people mention that they have had success with Zillow. Do you list the homes for sale on zillow (full cash amount) or do you list it like a rental using the $400(?)+Lot Rent as an estimation of what the homes mortgage would be?

I’ve had lots of interest, but I’m not getting anyone that is qualifying to buy the homes through PEP (DTI is the usual culprit). Looking to try and expand out my marketing efforts to get more qualified buyers.
I’ve heard that the paper is good, but whenever I talk to anyone at the local paper, they don’t seem to do classifieds anymore and want me to pay for a half page advertisement. That seems VERY expensive, so I haven’t gone down that path yet.

I’ve used Zillow in the past for new home sales. I post a description of the home and the park, photos of the home and park, and the full sale price. It’s helpful to mention that financing for qualified individuals is available (through PEP or 21st mortgage, Triad, etc). I usually put the lot rent in the description.

In the last year or two Zillow started taking down my ads because they considered the mobile homes “new construction” and they wanted me to connect with their new construction team and I assume pay a fee to have the privilege of listing them. I never bothered to call them to get the scoop since I sold the homes pretty quickly without Zillow. Maybe it had something to do with my descriptions that made it very clear these were all brand new mobiles. I’m curious to hear if anyone else had this problem and has a work around.

I had a lot of luck with news paper ads. Most were 6”x6” ads but once a month I’d do a half page color ad to grab peoples attention. It was not cheap by any means. $170 for the small ads every week and $500/week for the half page. It got me a few nice older retirees.

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