Zego online payments for RM

Is anyone using Zego for online payments for the Rent Manager portal? What is your experience? How long does it take for customer’s payment to hit your account once they make payment? They are saying 3-4 days, which is too long for the money to hit the account in my opinion. Are there other options?

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Zego fronts the money to your account on all payments. So the money hits your account the following day after the tenant makes a payment. It is then automatically reflected within Rent Manager. The caveat here is that IF the tenant has Insufficient funds, Zego will then deduct that amount from your account to refund themselves.

If you wanted the funds quicker than 1 day, your only other option with Zego is to use their CashPay option where the tenants can take cash down to the money center at walmart, smiths, krogers, 7/2/11, etc. and give them cash which is then immediately added to your account within a few hours.