Your take on MHP business partnership

I’m continually searching and analyzing MHP’s for sale, studying the home course, and reminiscing on being with many of you gents and ladies at the boot camp in LA. What are your thoughts on partnering with someone in ownership of parks… That being ‘angel’ financial investors and/ or the actual park operations?

This might be a way for me to get involved in ownership sooner, but I know there are drawbacks as well to implied benefits. Just looking for your experiences/ wisdom/ advice. Recommendations on how to legally state expectations/ duties/ financial duties/ etc.? Appreciate you all.


We are actively raising money to acquire properties (  We are open to passive investors, or, for the right person that wanted to take a more hands-on role, we’d consider an active investor.Take a look at our website, and give us a call if we look interesting to you.  (415)  691 - 7138Best,-Jefferson-

I’ll take a look Jefferson, thank you.