Wrecking out mobiles

Has anyone had any experience wrecking out mobile homes?I have several and need to know if its worth the time and money to do it myself.Whats the normal fee to wreck one out and is it possible to have someone tear one down for the scrap for free. Any info on this would be great.

We’ve had to remove a few of our Oklahoma mobile homes that have burned. If they burn, they can’t be transported down the road. They need to be broken down on-site, and the frame cut into smaller pieces with a welding torch. It all gets thrown into a 20-yard dumpster and hauled off. Doing it this way has usually cost us around $2,000.

Having someone come pull a (unburned and transportable) mobile home out out of a community is definitely a better way to go. We’ve never been able to find anyone to do it for free (I guess our old homes are not that valuable if we still have to pay something to have them moved!), however we did get a few moved for as little as $500.

Dump fees vary widely - if that is where the home is going, as opposed to onto someone else’s land. We’ve had to pay upwards of $3,000 to remove and dump a home in California.



That gives me something to go by. Thanks

We posted “Free Mobile Homes” on Craigslist and offered to have a dumpster onsite for the debris. The agreement is that they get the scrap if they throw the debris in the dumpster and leave the lot clean. The crew that’s doing it also repairs mobile homes, so they took the doors, windows, bathtubs, sinks, water heaters, etc.

They just started this week, so I’ll let you know how it goes. A word of warning: DON’T work any deals with anyone in the park. We tried that and it was (is) a DISASTER!

Let me know how it goes .Thanks

I’ll post an update once the job is complete.

We just allowed someone to scrap a home out that was in one of our parks, my advice: don’t ever do it! They promised to have it done in less than a week and we are going on a month now. The problem is that once they start tearing it down and get the initial “valuables” ( copper, aluminum siding etc. ) you are at their mercy. If they disappear, you now cant move it in this condition. So you are stuck with hiring someone else to come in and finish the job. While all of this is going on it creates an eye sore and a bad precedent for all the other residents. Lesson learned. In the future, our policy will be to take the initial hit and pay to have someone move it out first then they can do whatever they want with it on their property.