Wraparound mortgage help

hi guys

i think i might have made a newbie mistake. i purchased a mhp on a wrap recently. title was changed to my LLC and the property taxes were sent to my po box out of state. the underlying bank requested property tax info…obviously the underlying bank is going to wonder who 123 LLC is and why are the prop taxes going to california all of a sudden?

i just want to make sure the original seller and i are on the same page if his bank calls him. could we just tell them that the seller formed 123 llc to separate himself from personal liability and he changed the title to the llc? then they’ll ask why is the mailing address in calif? do you think that it’s believable to say that a mistake was made in processing and that we dont know how it got changed to calif? then we’ll change the mailing address to the address of the mhp. what do you think of these “explanations”?

also, the same info is on my liab ins…along w/ …123 c/o my first and last name! i requested that the c/o my name be removed and that the address be changed to the mhp’s address.

i know that it’s rare that the bank will call the note, but i just want to be sure that me and the seller are on the same page. what do you guys think abotu these “explanations”. thanks in advance.