Thanks to:

Lonni and Joanne Scruggs

Karl Warner

Steve Case

Fred balke



Jim and Ellen Brenn

Ryan Needler

Daphne and John

Michael Stillfield


Jad (and his wonderful wife)

Roy and his ENTIRE family

and everyone else that pitched in and shared at MOMVI. I am in shock. my mind is in spin cycle. I learned soooo much at MOM.

I heard calls for hard money needed and at the meeting I heard folks tell how all they do now is hard money lending. Folks wanting to trade boats for a mobile home and folks wanting to trade a mobile home for???

It did not end on Sat, for me. Sunday had 5 die-hards come visit me at the retail lot, come to my home and meet my family and look at 5-7 L/H’s started or finished (nearly). Some of these packages were good, some were bad, some are true trash…but they LOVED them all…from 199K triples on 3 acres to flea infested rat traps on a littered lot! WOW!!!

One of the high points of the meet was to meet Karl’s wife Julie and his precious son Kasch (i hope this is spelled right.)

Another was Fred and Rick providing free t-shirts for this MOM…WOW

The one downside for me was not having the time to spend quality time with friends during these meets. Steve and Lonnie and Shell ad infinitum travel great distances and I can’t spend much time with them. It doesn’t take a lot of money to host these events, but focus and time are very short.

Please don’t think I don’t treasure one on one, but I get wiped out doing these events. Steve Case, Lonnie, and others there know the rigors of trying to tie these events up in a neat bow.

Karl showed us all the difference between a MHP or trailer park from a community. His Park showed pride of ownership to any and all…he is a private person and a warm thanks Karl for allowing us a look at a true jewel.

We are tentativel scheduled to have the next MOM near Jim and Ellens Park in Troy, AL. These are special folks that have helped me at EVERY MOM meeting…I am toying with doing a L/H there and showing this with the Park next year…waddyathink? Worth doing?

Humble thanks to all that attended,

Greg Meade


 Another outstanding MOM, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and how much respect I have for you. You're far to humble, you are always there for people when they need an ear or help with a problem Greg. 

The MOM meetings are always a great learning experience and it provides the closeness some of the newbies need to feel confident enough to go out and try it for themselves, the networking gives them a lifeline so to speak, maybe someone they met during the weekend and connected with that will help them stay motivated to go out and do something. Whatever the case may be I know a lot business takes place between attendees each year.

Thank you Greg for creating this environment and the family of like minded investors that continues to grow in leaps and bounds year after year.

And a huge thank you to Karl for allowing us to spend two days there in his little piece of paradise, as well as him sharing a little piece of his wealth of knowledge with us.

                                  With utmost respect and thanks,

                                              Fred Balke

You did it again, Greg…what an awesome group of people. I learned a new technique or two that will go well with my business this year.

Even though I love to go to full blow training events, there is something special about listening to people who in just a few short years, or in some cases months, changed their lives using the priceless information Lonnie, Ernest and others have so graciously penned for all of us to benefit from.

Thanks so much for taking the time to put MOM together and a special thanks to Karl for opening up his wonderful community to a bunch of “trailer people”.

I look forward to seeing you and all of my extended mobile home family again in San Diego in a few weeks.

Get some rest this week…LOL


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BigThank you to Greg, to all the seasoned investors and fellow newbies. My wife and I had a heck of a time and learned so much at MoM. I was impressed by the kindness, helpfulness and cheerfulness of all attendees. My expectations were blown away.

We will be back!


This was my first MOM, but it will not be my last! I truly enjoyed the people, the beautiful community (park) and the knowledge I gained.

Thanks to everyone I spoke with for your knowledge and friendship.

This is a great group of people and special thanks to Greg for putting it all together and for Lonnie for his idea.

I look forward to speaking to everyone in the near future.



It’s really not possible to express in mere words what you and Karl (and so many others) put together this past weekend. I feel mentally and emotionally recharged for the year ahead, which will be a great one for so many of us.

Thank you especially for giving me the gift of an opportunity to speak in front of this remarkable group of people. I hope to be able to give back to the mobile home investing community someday what I have received from you.

Warmest regards to you and to everyone I met this past weekend. I hope to see you all again next month in San Diego.

Anne (formerly ND)

Greg Thanks again for putting this event on! WOW sums it up very well, new friendships and partnerships were created… old friends were able to hang out yet again… Money to do deals changed hands… EVEYONE learned something that they can directly use… and information was shared freely and openly with anyone that wanted it. My only regret was not being able to spend as much time with a few folks that I would have like to!

I personally want to thank you and Anne, one new idea from each of you has brought rental rates for DW’s to the point that they more than make sense to me in my market. Sometimes I just need smacked around a good bit :wink:

The trashed single was probably one of the prettiest things I’ve seen in a while, what a SWEET deal my friend! Thanks again for taking the time… Talked to my wife more about it and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing you some time this summer, I’ve fallen in love with a part of FL I didn’t know existed.

Anne probably said it better than anyone I’ve heard before… This is all possible thanks to Lonnie, Joanne, and a little $30 book.

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

MOM was a blast, we enjoyed each guest speaker and learned new things.

Greg, after meeting you I wanted to grab a beer grow my hair and go chill out. You have definitely found success without having to conform to society beliefs.

Karl, What can we say you are a brilliant man with a gift and a handsom son.

Steve, you were very giving and caring with your knowledge

Lonnie, they don’t make guys like you anymore. You give more than anyone I’ve ever known or have meet in my life.

Ann, We just wanted to take this opportunity to say you are inspiring to us. You where very informative in all that you spoke of, even though my fiance’ is new at this you gave her the courage to merge with me. To her you are the “Oprah” of female investors good luck to you in your endeavors.

Ryan, Daphne & John, Jim & Ellen and anybody else we forgot you were a wealth of information.

Richard & Cassia (hope we spelled it right), You have fire and drive. We have no dought you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Double WOW!!! My deepest thanks to all who worked so hard & long to give us this opportunity. The positive impact on so many folks, their memories & their wallet$ w/last for many years.

All of you who didn’t make it really missed out–don’t let it happen again!

Those who attended, yet didn’t introduce themselves to everyone they wanted to meet–don’t let it happen next year!

It was great to see so many familiar faces again & to meet new folks, both novice & experienced. I learned from both. Alabama is definitely on my calendar for 2008–



 This event was a blessing.  I met people that I know will be life long friends.  I have come back to Kansas City energized and ready to push on for the rest of the year.  I signed up for the San Diego event within hours of my plane landing and I am looking forward attending the boot camp as well.

 Thank you Ryan for staying up until 2 AM talking shop I am dogging that park we talked about that night and have already set up a meeting with the owner for Wednesday.

 To the group the met the last night of the MOM a special thanks for opening my eyes and for pointing me in the right direction.

 Gregg it great meeting you and thanks for being such a sharing individual.  I already can't wait for MOM VI.

Ruben D. Flores

816 918-9041

Another G_R_E_A_T MOM.!!! Thanks sooooo much to everyone involved. In no other investing arena have I ever seen so much knowledge and experience so freely shared. No one there is trying to sell you anything. The people in this group are genuinely helping one another to succeed. I count it an honor and a privilege to be able to associate with such a fine and selfless group!


My brain still hurts from all the information I tried to ingest but I am so glad you took the time to put this on. Thanks for doing all you did and I hope to see all my new friends in San Diego and at future MOMs.


Seeing as I can not truly thank everyone enough, I wanted to personally take some time and thank all those who had a great influence on my family’s future. From the words of encouragement, the opportunities given to us (Can’t even be put into words), the wealth of information from the speakers to the foundation that was laid for us.

Lonnie – You are so giving, helpful and just all around a wonderful guy. Your lovely wife is just as awesome. Thank you both.

Greg – You set up a wonderful venue for this information to be presented and talking to you opened my eyes more than you’ll know. Thank you

Ryan – You are the best mentor anyone could have. Thank you

Art & Debbie – Thank God for you two. Thank you

Tye, Anne, Lyn & Karen – I can not wait to be in the ‘Hot Seat’ if I can learn half of what I learned from that night. Thank you all.

Daphne & John – You two are an inspiration and have encouraged us so much. Thank you.

Reuben, Mike, Jeff & John – You guys are a great set of guys, thank you for the talks.

Dan, Celeste, Rick & Rosemarie – Some of our newest friends. Your experiences have given us great insight. Dan you rock! And yes, you did spell it right, lol. Thank you all.

And everybody that had an impact on us and all those involved in making that event the single most informative event I have ever attended ( including school, lol). I can not wait to see you all again. You all be blessed and I pray that God returns all the investments you have made into our lives.

Thank you all again.

Richard & Cassia Dowdy


This event was awesome, I cannot thank you or all the people who helped made it so special enough.

Lonnie & Miss Joann, thank you for your wisdom & kindness, I loved visiting with you both. I can hardly wait to get the books & dive in.

Karl, your little piece of paradise is, well like a little piece of paradise, and your knowlege is tremendous, and freely given, your family beautiful. Thank you for letting me hold your baby boy and take the pictures of you and Julie and Kasch, I have emailed them to Greg, they are very good.

Steve I appreciate all that you shared, and do, and I will be talking to you


Fred thank you for sharing your knowlege and time.

I want to thank both of you again for the shirts, while they are not the shirts off of your backs I know that you and many others would gladly give just that if needed.

Daphne and John, what a terrific team & experience that you shared with all, I am ready to dive into that turn around park!

Ryan, your hard work and humor and perseverance equals success, it also makes you an excellent speaker and teacher, and motivator.

Anne, thank you for sharing your success, and the ideas that helped you achieve it, you also are an excellent speaker, teacher and motivator.

Jim and Ellen, I very much enjoyed your story as much as I have enjoyed following the blog. You guys are an inspiration.

Greg, I must thank you again for allowing me to hang out with You, Ryan, Chris, Larry, and Norm, and share your knowlege on a personal level, & show us the good, the bad & the ugly deals, share your castle, and let us meet your wonderful family!

No doubt that I have left some out, but I am still thankful for all who shared & who gave & who worked behind the scenes.

I am blessed to have met and made so many new friends at one time & they are just awesome, everyone, and so very generous with their time and knowlege.

I want to tell someone that I met a group of millionaires, many multi, many travelling great distances at consideable expense, who shared time, wisdom and money just to share with myself and others, most of whom the have never met before, they spent time one on one, in small groups and gave terriffic group teaching, shared meals, laughed fellowshipped, and did not try to sell anything, or ask for anything, just share their success with others, & help them be successful…

…I am not sure that I can find anyone who will believe me…


Rick Lee

Yo Greg,

The MOM was great. Over the last couple of months I have been telling my dad I want to be just like this long haired guy from Ocala who lives in a mobile on a lake and is making a ton of money doing it. I am closing on my third L/H soon and will move in. I told him about it and he thought I was crazy. Saturday at MOM we were listening to your numbers on your L/H package on the water and how you stand to make 1/2 million tax-free. I think that flipped a switch for him because he looked over at me and said, “I want to do something like that on the water”. HAHAHA. He is reading the Lonnie books now…

Cole Haynes

are so sweet. wish you nad your Dad could have come by on Sunday. We toured some that were small and some just started that were filthy.

Part of my stratagy is to sell a large basis home every two years and claim profit excluded cuz it was primary home for 2 of the last 5 years. We are buying 5 acres in march for 150K all cash to build anothere 3000 square home with pool for 229 we will live 2 years and sell for 6-700K. My daughter is sooooooo glad she is getting her own place so she doesn’t have to move all the time.

It was great to meet your Dad Cole