I am writing some new ads to insert online and in the dailies here in Ocala and I realized something…that’s pretty important.

Anyone that knows me at all knows i don’t ask for much help. My vacancy issue is killing me and my very first thought was, “I’m gonna post about this and get some fresh ideas”.

This is EXACTLY why this forum was created (at great expense and time) by Steve Case and Corey Donaldson. This was a dream that Ernest Tew had and often spoke of…a free forum to share ideas and info.

Think about it…if I try some of these great ideas and rent just ONE 700 unit as a result I just put another 8K per year in my pocket. These are bottom line profit rentals…expenses are fairly fixed and paid by full units…WOW 8K is a lot of money, what a wonderful resource.

Sometimes I get so close to things I don’t get the big picture

Thank you Steve and Corey (and Ernest)