Wow! What A Weekend!

Joanne & I want to thank all of you for such a fantastic weekend and for making us feel so welcome at MHM 5. And a special thanks to Steve, Corey, Blake and all the staff for your wonderful hospitality.

Fred, that life size poster and award was something else. Thank you so much. (Joanne was tempted to bring the poster home, and leave me there.)

Thank you all for such memorable time and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.



As always it was great to hear you speak at this event. You are truely a person so many of us owe so much to for sharing your knowledge of how to change our lives. I know in just the short time I have been doing my “Lonnie” deals based on your books you have changed my entire view of investing and have directly contributed to my begining success as an investor. Thank you.

Steve and Cory thank you for hosting such a great event. My wife Laura and I had a GREAT time meeting old friends and making new ones. I look forward to attending the Mobile Home Boot Camp in June and buying a park in the next 12 months.

Since begining my Mobile Home investing a year and a half ago I have been amazed at how giving we are in this community. Having started off in stick builts and seeing how cut throat investors seem to be in that investment group I am happy to be a part of such a giving investment community.

For those of you who I met at the MOM and at MHM’s I look forward to seeing you at another event. For those of you who have not attended an event you need to make any Mobile Home University sponsered event a priority in the next year. You will increase your wealth both in knowledge and in contacts. Both of those increases will likely result in a larger monthly cashflow and increased financial freedom. I know it has for me.

Once again thank you to all who helped make MHM’s such a great event.

Ruben D. Flores (KCKS)

Affordable Living LLC

Boy, I’ll say!

Thanks to Daphne for the push; met lots of new contacts, made one deal (got it today, Rolf), and upon getting home and putting the Secret to work, I am seeing results already.

Lauren at Bankers Mutual is working with me - getting an offer in on a local 44 sp park soon, and found a 50-unit self storage today . . . called around the area for comp rents, and a lady offered to sell me her 40-unit SS too!

Sheesh, I need an IMMEDIATE boot camp!! Corey, help!!!