Would you hire this person?

This is an actual response I got to my ad on CL for a greeter. Frank says I will regret not hiring him and he’s probably right. However, perhaps someone else on the forum could put his obvious talents to good use.

First of all, I am a retired police supervisor with over 30 years of law enforcement experience so taking care of being you hatchet man is no problem. However, let me understand you…you want be to be your face to face bad guy. You want me to put up with these trailer trash dirt bags and you want me to pay you $200.00 a month. I do not think so…after 30 plus years of putting up with dirt bags and getting paid for it I am not about to pay you to allow me to use my expertise. If you want someone to do the kick ass job you want done let’s talk some real turkey. You furnish the trailer and lets start at $125.00 a week and after 60 days we will re-negoiate this rate depending on how much trouble this turns out to be…


Wheat Hill