Wording in Frank and Dave's lease agreement

This paragraph is in F&D’s lease agreement…

“Management is responsible for providing water and sewer and gas (if applicable) and electric up to the point of connection of the mobile home. The resident is responsible for all maintenance from that point of connection to the mobile home. In addition, resident is required to heat tape and insulate all exposed water lines, meter pits, and meters. Should there be a break due to the heat tape not functioning then the resident is responsible for the cost of replacement.”

All the utilities in my park are supplied and billed for by the City, and therefore, I think that they are not really the responsibility of Management. Should I change the wording of the lease agreement? How would you change the wording?



If I were you, I would bring this lease agreement to the attorney who is familiar with the state’s landlord rules and regulations and ask him to take a look. This is for your protection.

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I would not worry about the wording as the important part is the tenant responsibilities. As management if there is a problem with supply you would call the appropriate service provider. That would be “managements responsibility”.

Leave it alone. You and/or tenants will figure it out.