WMA convention worth it?

My husband and I purchased the audio version of boot camp just over a year ago and have purchased 3 parks! We couldn’t have done it without F&D’s advice. Has anyone been to WMA? They are based in CA and we do not own any parks in CA but looks like they have some good information??

WMA is a very well run state association. They are pricy to join compared to other state associations. I am not sure of the benefit in getting involved in a state association in a state where you do not have a community unless you have something of benefit to the other members. Their materials are very California specific. I would think you would be better off joining the state association(s) in the state(s) in which you have communities.

The other problem is if you own no communities in California, the only way to join is as a Service and Industry Member which is currently $900.00 per year.

I agree with Ken. I would join your state MHA. And, if you want, read my monthly newsletters because I review all the big industry events there and and save you $1,000+ per event in travel and tickets. Up to bat next is my review of the NCC Chicago event, which will be in the December newsletter. I don’t go to WMA as we own no parks in CA.

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Kirstend, this site is the most informative source for questions and answers plus past discussions on MHP’s The experiences of actual owner-operators and investors discussions are fantastic. No one is getting paid and there is no bar on discussing touchy tough topics but good interaction from very experienced people to ones just starting. I personally have learned very much after owning parks over 35 years–thank you. Life is to short to not enjoy tremendously what you do and help others on life’s journey.

:smiling_imp: Frank - You must have found a really cheap hotel and a cheap way to get there if you are only going to save your readers $1,000 in relation to the Chicago NCC meeting. Even staying at our Chicago condo, I figure it is going to cost us $1,500 to attend sans any travel costs to Chicago.


To get to that figure I was assuming that the attendee drove their own car, slept in the backseat parked under a bridge down by the railyard, and brought a supply of bologna sandwiches with them.


I’m a member of WMA, but only because one of my consulting clients is a California park owner. The WMA’s primary value add is helping park owners deal with all the ridiculous regulation the State of California places on us - like Failure to Maintain legislation, or having to have a surveyor mark the boundaries of each lot. WMA is a good organization, but I’d not otherwise join it (or any state manufactured housing association) unless I actually did business in that state.

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WMA convention is good, but probably 80% specific to California. 2015 will be my 9th time going. Join a local state organization.