Winterizing homes

Hi all, I had a few questions for other park owners:1. If you use a rent credit program, do you winterize the homes you own, or do you tell the RCP tenants that is their responsibility?2. Do you ever winterize owner occupied homes where the owner has failed to heat tape the home?The reason I ask point 2 is I have a more rough and tumble park, and some of my tenants are predictably not too competent, and there will almost surely be one or two tenants who fail to winterize and have their pipes break.  Although the lot lease stipulates that they are responsible for the maintenance of the water line above ground outside of their home, in reality if it breaks it can become my problem, especially if it somehow breaks before the shut off.I’m debating which is the lessor of two evils, interfering with my tenants business by winterizing their outside pipes if they fail to do so, or sitting back and watching one or two of them crash and burn and possibly getting dragged into it later on.

I’d let my tenants deal with that on their own, but give them the names/numbers of a few local/competent plumbers that they can hire directly.  If/when their pipes break due to their negligence, I’d get a plumber out there and then bill the tenant for the work.My 2 cents worth,-jl-

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