Why did this not sell for so long

I found a park about a year or so ago,never really saw this kind of opportunity before.it was in hayfork ca.,one of three on Morgan hill Rd(it’s name too).it was listed MLS,for 130k, for a while,then I found it at 110k,called talked about it,stewed,still there months later.got into nego with owner,threw listing agent.back and forth a little bit,i pissed them off,refused to talk any longer.90 days later it sold for 5k less than my offer of 85k.
so trying to see where I was, a couple grand was truly insignificant.new people, out of state, Honolulu.they installed a laundry mat ,painted most everything,graveled the driveway,listed it MLS,for329k,then lowered it to 299k last month. It has one undeveloped spot,realtor claims two,i know what the p.t.o. says,which is 12,not 13.manager has lived for free, in poh ,for 20 yrs,1 lady has been there for 40 yrs,never a open spot for more than a month. It nets about 3000 a month profit,without the laundry. About half are park owned.power with indv elect meters,septic tank&well(water soaked Trinity county)EDIT COUNTY WATER AND SEWER
I can’t swallow it,but it still seems like a a good deal