Who's responsible for Drainage

After purchasing my park two years ago I never considered DD on drainage. I knew my property line culvert needed replaced which I did but no one mentioned any lot drainage issues. I have a new tenant who brought in a brand new home. The lot she moved in on was established and at least 20 years old and it has a concrete slab for driveway/carport possibilities. When we get heavy rain, the lot holds water and washes the dirt away from around her skirting. She now expects me to pay for and fix the issues. I went around to a few of her neighbors and they indeed have created small trenches to help drainage in times of downpours which have worked to remedy the problem. To keep a new home and a new tenant, I’ve already completed about 10 things on her list of demands that have gone above and beyond. Since each lot is different, is this my problem as the park owner?

Not sure what you did in the 10 things. However, if you feel you have done a lot already, you may want to look at the following options:

  1. Offer her a loan to pay you back in course of 12 or 24 months
  2. Work with her and introduce the other neighbors, so they can help her with the trenches and you can say that all of them did the trenching by themselves.

You can also simply say that your insurance liability won’t allow to trench for tenants homes.

I had, and still have a few, serious problems with drainage - flooded lots, water coming up through the road, etc. I spent a lot of money to fix these problems and don’t regret doing it. Except for a couple of remaining lots, I have not had any drainage problems for years. 1 less headache to deal with.

BTW: It would be almost impossible to discover such problems during DD.