Wholesale threatening to take home

I just received a call from a “wholesaler” saying they purchased a home from one of my tenants. My lease and park rules say I have first right of refusal and This was all done behind my back. Is this work the fight? I found out that the title is in the old park owners name and been passed on to a few different residents without actually transferring it. and of coarse they are behind on rent. Not sure what others do in these situations but this is my first time having to deal with this.
Maybe Ill just go rent a dumpster and tell everyone feel free to fill it up and park it right in front of this home so they cant move it…

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The wholesalers are getting aggressive - they have cold callers soliciting tenants. I would fight for it. Tell the wholesaler that you have first right of refusal and you are willing to go to court over it. I’d also tell the tenant the same thing. Threaten to drag it out as long as it takes and tell both that it will be expensive… I’d also park a dumpster there.


Agreed! Poachers need swatted away in whatever means possible. One in northern Indiana is watching FB ads by tenants and making them lowball offers. Make them move on to easier pickins’. Or better yet retire.

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In addition to your lease clause, I would also post signs in your park warning of the ROFR. That will put poachers on better notice and thus strengthen your legal position. Fight this - your reputation as a resister will help ward-off future poaching problems.

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Wheres the wholesaler located?

If the title was never legally transferred, can you do a lost title search and recover it? My boss of the park I manage kept the name of the park, so he never had to change the titles over. Is that the case with you? Or did you change the name of the park? Was the old title in the name of a person or the park?

  1. Ask them for the title.
  2. If they don’t have title, tell them they may not come onto your property to remove the home without it. And that they will be trespassing if they do.
  3. Go get title to your abandoned home using the process in your state. Do not lie about anything regarding the wholesaler’s claim.
  4. Your agreement with your tenants is not with the wholesaler. That doesn’t bind them to your agreement with the tenant. You may seek redress from the tenant, but you know what a judgment would be worth and would need to make that determination.
  5. Seek competent local legal counsel famliar with your state laws before you start a fight because if you lose a legal battle you will likely be liable for their attorney fees. The speed of which a lawyer shows up in this case for the opposing side will be an indicationof whether legal fees are available to the winner and how confident they are about getting them.
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He can’t legally move it without the title so I would pursue enforcing your rights. Get all his contact information and let him know you will press criminal charges for theft if he removes the home. May need to do an Abandoned Title process to obtain the Title.