Who to call about septic

My partner currently owns a public boat launch and has 15 house boat hook ups. He currently has electricity, well water, and septic for the boat tenants. We are going to expand on this and add 10-15 mfh’s and also considering a few rv hook ups. Who would I contact to find out if the current septic system is going to be adequate enough. Also should we hire an engineer/architect to come help us plan out where to put everything. We would be catering to the fishing community of the lake mainly.

Look in your Yellow Pages under ‘Septic.’  Don’t hire a regular plumber.  There are Septic Specialists that do nothing but assess current systems and run the numbers to determine what additional is needed to expand an existing system or construct a new system.We’ve generally paid about $40/pad to have MHP septic systems assessed.Also, call your states’ Manufactured Housing Association for referrals.Good luck,-jl-