Who is this guy?

Has anyone heard of Michael J. Power? Just got an e-mail from him regarding everything he can do for me in the mobile home business.



Wheat Hill

(330) 426-9558

I got it too, it came through as spam.

Someone must have sold him our e-mail address.


It’s been discussed before. I just got the recent batch as well.


Thanks for alerting me about this. First of all, I would never sell anyone’s email address. The only email blasts you will ever get by signing up for this forum will come from myself, Corey or Blake.

I’ve heard of a program where you can strip email addresses from forum posts and other areas. I’m sure that’s the origin of this email. I received one myself.

We’ve dealt with this person in the past, as a matter of fact he spoke at the MHM in Orlando a few years ago. Neither Corey nor myself endorse anything he has to offer.

As with anyone out there selling material or services, make sure that you check him out through reliable sources.


Just checked out the website. It’s a joke, not ONE piece of information available unless you give up your personal info. What a sham!

There has always been a common theme in the mobile home investing community that was started by Lonnie and Ernest… help others first.

If you look at the forums you see the folks that post daily and have done so for years, providing help and ideas for others.

From time to time we have all seen someone pop in and try and divert attention to themselves or their websites. They have never helped anyone, never spent time on the forums, never been to the community type MOM meetings or other networking and educational events where they sit down and chat with investors both new and seasoned.

When they use subversive tactics, never come and try and help others, divert attention to themselves and then want only to sell you something, you need to ask yourself just why it is you would want to trust in their information.

I don’t know this guy from Adam but I too recevied his solicitation. I couldn’t care less if he wants to be some overnight guru. If folks want that type of person as their mentor, then that is their choice.

There is nothing wrong with selling information that helps others. For me, the tactics used such as these unsolicited emails from our addresses listed here speaks volumes for me.