Which States usually have the better quality tenants

Was wondering out of all the states in America you all have tenants in, is there any particular state that has a better quality of tenants?

By quality I mean… paying on time, following the rules, cleaning their yard, not trying to find a way to get a lawsuit against you… etc etc…

I know there are different things to look for in purchasing a park, cap rate, utilities, park owned vs. tenant owned, growing economy etc, but I was just was wondering on specifically the quality of the tenants… are they better in different states…? And which states have the higher quality of tenants?


We have found that North Dakota and Wisconsin top the list but with that said the better the park is managed and the better the residents understand the no pay no stay rule the more likely that the delinquency will approach zero. Also, local markets and the availability of other housing is important as well as the quality of the park itself.


Dave is spot on - the further you go south, the less the work ethic. We are totally generalizing here, of course.

The colder climates always scare me with breaking pipes and digging 5’ down for sewer lines, etc.

Anyone’s thought on that?

we are in western pa and i would concur that quality of tenants is much more of a management issue than anything else. that being said in western pa there are a ton of Section 8 tenants (HUD) and a ton of people on SSDI who do not belong there. so if you do want to make a business out of dealing with lazy, unmotivated people they are here and are plentiful. Not accepting any government money makes it a bit more difficult to get your homes filled up but we feel it has been far more rewarding to be working with decent hard working americans. I am interested to see who else responds from different parts of the country.


We are in Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We have found the number of SSI and all other government recipients to be highest in Oklahoma and lowest in Kansas with Ohio and PA somewhere in the middle. I would also agree with the others that colder climates seem to have better residents who pay ontime and keep their homes in better condition.