Where to start learning?

MHU Team,
There are several different resources (books, videos, PDFs, forums, & etc.) to learn about MHP investing. I have been reading through the forum & other articles to figure out if this is even an option or just a scam. I have determined it is not a scam & a legit investment. What would you all recommend for someone like me, starting from square one, on where to being?

My favorite part about this industry is the stereotypes & how many people will not even think twice about MHP ownership. :slight_smile: Took me awhile, but I think I found a community where people understand. :wink:

Please share recommendations for a good starting point. Thanks in advance.

@Andy Attend the boot camp and everything else comes with it :wink:


@Andy Glad you are ready to begin the journey to park ownership! We offer several great options for those looking to get in the business. If you are ready to jump in with both feet, I would recommend our home study course or boot camp as those items will get you all the info you need to get your first deal going and manage and turn it around successfully.

Brandon Reynolds

Frank Rolfe is the best around. He is the Anthony Robbins of the investing world. The boot camp is amazing. Frank talks about MHP investing for 20 hours. The home study course is comprehensive to say the least. Frank will get on the phone with you and help you evaluate a deal and he has already done that for me. Nothing else out there that I have seen comes close.

@Andriy_Boychuk I’m currently out of the country, but would like to once I return.

@brandon_reynolds For now I will check out the home study course. I just received a newsletter with the “The Frank and Dave Story”. I will make that my first official read & then go with the home study course.
@cwvokac Thanks for the feedback. That is the direction I am going.

I appreciate the feedback from all. :smile:

@Andy Glad to hear it. We are hear to help and if you need anything, feel free to call me directly at 855-879-2738.

@brandon_reynolds Thanks Brandon. I appreciate your support. As I read, I will hold you to it. :grin: