Where to eat at the MOM?

Some of us will be coming from far, far away and this will be our first visit to the deep South. Having heard so much about Southern cooking and having a bit of free time on Thursday, one’s thoughts naturally turn to eating. Well, at least mine do.

So, is there any place to eat in or near Troy that is worth visiting? BBQ, catfish, alligator, crawdads, hush puppies (whatever those are), something else you would recommend? We are eclectic eaters. We’re flying into Birmingham and driving down from there.

My stomach thanks you in advance.


I’ve heard a little about Troy and its restaurants, and I’m pretty sure that’s NOT the place to experience the best food the South has to offer. You may be out of luck. Perhaps you can do a little research on restaurants in Birmingham??


Jim and I went to a restaurant in Troy last night that we recently found out about. It is only open Tuesday-Saturday, 5-9 pm, but that does cover the MOM event. The food was pretty good and the prices were good too. We definitely did not leave hungry. It is in an old school house, which is pretty interesting just in itself.

Their menu includes catfish, fried or broiled, shrimp, steak, chicken. They have fried dill pickles as one of the appetizers, which (apparently) is a normal appetizer in Alabama. Dinner includes hushpuppies, but definitely not the best I have ever had, but the Great Northern beans that came with it were great!

Anyway, we were thinking it would be a good place for those who get in early on Thursday to go for dinner on Thursday night, if anyone is game. There are several barbeque places around, most are chains, buffets, and fast food. The Holiday Inn also has a restaurant. The food was ok when we were there; the service lacked a great deal. I assume they will have sufficient help for MOM since we will have so many people. Two breakfasts are included with each room at the Holiday Inn.

Lin is entirely correct about the food here, though. We have been very disappointed with the lack of selection and actual restaurants available. The Weidmans have expressed the same disappointment to us. The four of us have headed to Montgomery for pizza, and this is a college town!