When should I pay for the moving cost if someone wants to bring a home into my park?

I am debating on if I should pay the full amount for the moving cost if someone wants to move a home into the park.Half is better obviously because it puts there money to work also. But obviously I would have more inquiries if I pay all the cost of moving. I just don’t want problem tenants from other mobile home parks to come to my park. Would that be an issue?Should I just screen harder if someone wants to move there home to my lot and I am paying all the cost? What screening precautions do you take?

Any home you can bring in to fill a lot – that you don’t have to buy and bring in – saves you $20,000 to $30,000. So we would happily pay the entire cost of the move (around $4,000) to fill a lot. I would not be too particular on the tenant’s credit, as once the home is there, they cannot afford to move the home again, so even if they default on their payments, you will probably end up with the home as abandoned property. So you still saved probably $20,000 (net the cost to rehab the home before you can rent or sell it).That being said, make sure to have them sign a long lease – like 5 years – so that they don’t just have another park owner pay to have them move again after a few months.