What's the Catch?

I heard Corey speak about 2 weeks ago and am excited about investing in mobile homes and mobile home parks. I have logged in a lot of time on this site reading almost everything from the forum, blogs, articles, etc. I really love the telesminars.

Everybody seems so great and willing to help. Coming from single family investing this is not the norm nor my experience with other investors. This almost seems like a friendly cult (in a great way!). What is the catch? How can other investors possibly be this nice and willing to help others?


Welcome to the mobile home game.

There were 2 reasons that mobile home investors began these groups with the desire to help others. Those 2 reasons were Lonnie Scruggs and Ernest Tew.

Both have gone out of their way for years to help others become financially independent. You will never meet nicer, more genuine folks. Heck, Lonnie even puts his home phone number in the back of his book. How much more giving can you get?

Most who frequent this site and others began by reading Lonnie’s book “Deals on Wheels” and as such we have a common basis and a good example of how to behave and how to help others. No greedy, hording of information or cut throat tactics that some have experienced in the stick build market.

To honor you mentor, teach someone else is the common theme in this group. These forums allow everyone to help not just one but thousands. What better way to honor Lonnie and Ernest.

Tony Colella