What type of electric system is this?

Hello experienced smart MHP gurus. What type of electric system is this, sub metered or master metered? This is a quote from the owner of a park I’m looking into.

“The electric individual meters per pad, but they are connected to 2 central meters for payment. Our manager reads the meters and marks down usage each month and charges tenants accordingly.”

Thanks all.

master metered.

Jim Johnson Wrote:

master metered.

Thank you Jim. I thought so, just seemed confusing the way it was written.

As Jim said, master-metered.

But master-metered electric can be a nightmare. Search this form for some of Frank’s posts on this matter. The key issue is that you are probably responsible for the maintenance of the lines. Frank had one park that experienced a hot summer, and the residents purchased multiple window A/C units for their homes, and all they all cranked them to the ‘on/high’ position one summer afternoon, and his electric lines literally caught on fire. That does not make a city inspector happy.

You’ve got to be really careful about the condition and capacity of master-metered electric lines and/or master-metered gas lines.

Search for Frank’s posts, buy the ‘30 Days of Due Diligence’ book on this site (and the other books, and attend the Bootcamp), and be very leery of parks with master-metered electric and gas.

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Well said guys, thanks. The said park had the master metered electric problem as well as being a 30 unit park (possible 35) on only 1.48 acres. Without seeing it in person, it doesn’t seem worth spending more time on it. Thanks again… Love this network.