What to where to MOM?

Having never been to Alabama, I have no idea what to wear. What sort of weather can we expect and what clothes should we pack?


Rolf, I wish I could give you a good answer! We just got back from upstate New York yesterday and started peeling off the layers as soon as the plane landed in Montgomery. Temps were in the high 80’s. We kept our air conditioning on last night.

Tomorrow night is supposed to be 52. It is cool enough out today that I have windows open and air off.

Bottom line? You might be able to wear shorts, might want long pants. You might not need a jacket at night, but then again you might! (A light jacket should do the job, though.) I would pack a sweatshirt too, just in case…

Peeling off the layers!? Ellen, You can no longer call yourself a bonafide Yankee you have been southernified. It has been incredibly nice here in taxation land (for the north anyhow). But I will prolly be sweating puddles in Al next month. And if I wear shorts every one will be asking me. Hey Nanook how Do you get your legs such a bright shade of white?