What to insure?

I am currently reviewing my insurance policy and finding out I need to pay more attention to such matters. Anyone else discover this? I’d appreciate some feedback as to what is necessary in an insurance policy. I’m going through Encore and Company in WA (Candy Cook is the contact person) and the underlying carrier is Fireman’s Fund.

I do not have any common areas or park structures in the Community. My total liability coverage is $2,000,000 with a limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. The company is basing my liability premium on the number of spaces in the park (42) times the monthly lot rent (going up to $220 later this year) even though there are empty lots.

These are the potentially insurable items:

  1. Roads and curbs.

  2. Storm drains.

  3. Sanitary sewer.

  4. Storm sewer.

  5. Water system.

  6. Light posts.

  7. Any vehicles I register in the Community’s name,

  8. Deer/bird netting support structure over the Community blueberry patch.

  9. Pads and individual electrical pedestals.

  10. Homes brought into the community for rehab/sale. The agent tells me that any home must be at least $10K in value and none of them have been.

Have I missed anything?



Wheat Hill