What to do with this sign?

Here is the sign at the entrance to my park. It is in good shape and is lighted, the lights are hidden by the roof. I don’t think it would be a good match for the typical green sign, it just doesn’t look like it would mesh well with the brick.

Any ideas?

Don’t touch that sign – that’s a great sign. However, it does not have much of a sales message – but do you need to tell anyone that there’s a mobile home park there? Do you have a bunch of homes to sell or rent? Unless you have a bunch of homes to get out the door, I’d leave it just like it is.

sorry double post. See below

Thanks, I should have mentioned that I’m changing the name, and yes I have to sell the homes off. I’d like to add the website and phone number.

Great sign, physically, and awesome that it is lit. Don’t change that.

But it is a disastrous sign from a marketing perspective.

My 2 cents worth:

  1. I’d say go with ‘Estates’ at the end of whatever new name you’ll give it. ‘Estates’ connotes that it is housing of some sort, but not necessarily ‘mobile home park.’ So maybe the name becomes something like ‘Sunny Palms Estates.’
  2. We always have the phone number, including area code, and especially so if we are on the border area of a two area codes.
  3. We also always add the URL to our signs, (but never the address - anyone looking at the sign already knows the address, plus it would just take up space on the sign, and double-plus, the address and map are both on our websites). It is important that you build up a wait-list of people for your properties. That is what enables you to upgrade the tenant base. A website is key in that effort, even if your property is 100% full.

See www.tuttleestatesok.com for our typical sign. Name/Phone/URL. Done.

To your continued success,