What to do with a "stale" home on the market

I have a home that’s been on the market forever…got it as a repo 2 years ago.

I have had at least 9 sales fall through for various reasons…mostly the couldn’t get financing reasons, but others as well…found something cheaper, changed their mind after signing the contract, relationship broke up etc.

and I just had one fall through again

I have re advertised this unit using every creative method I can. the home is newer, vinyl shingle, all appliances, c/a, shed, 3 bed 2 baths very good condition, in a quiet park with reasonable rents…price drop from 18,500 to 14,900. I paid 13,500 from Greentree, put another 2500 in for a few repairs, taxes etc

and it doesn’t sell, so I have money tied up and no rent coming in…you know the drill

It’s becoming known as the home that won’t sell among the tenants

so do any of you have any sure fire stale home tactics? I’m thinking of taking it off the market officially and concentrating on selling the others I have and putting it on the market again later.

funny, my father reminded me that back in the early 80’s we had homes that sat on the lot so long we gave them names…but this is getting frustrating