What questions to ask . .

Hi Folks,

After reading a bunch more msgs here . . .

I have a friend who has 100 acres of raw land, zoned residential and would like to turn it into a MHpark.

I told him I could set up the project and was available to be project manager and site manager when completed (ready for first tenant). So here’s another question:

What questions do I ask when interviewing attorneys for the job of corporate attorney for our MHpark Corp.

And what answers should I be looking to get from an appropriately qualified attorney ?

also, This week, I’m going to inspect the property (and take lotsa pix!) and we’re going to the county seat to get copies of title, section map and if they have them, land plat.

I could put this off a week to set up interviews with local attorneys. When I interview atty’s I wanna look-em inna eye.

Don’t like doing it over the phone. Also, to see if my friend is serious, he’s gonna have to prove it by buying your DD book ($159.00). Tomorrow 7:30am I’ll see if he serious enough… At least to get all title holders in one room (at least one sibling, so far as I know).