What is the biggest issue you face as an owner or owner manager in your park?

I’m curious as 2018 is wrapping up, what the community has been facing as the largest issue.
Is it finding good management, drug issues in the parks, not being quite sure how to turn around a park?
Please leave a comment, would be interested to see where the market is at across the USA for this right now.
I went to a meeting in November and met with owners from around the world and different countries are having different issues. So I am curious. I look forward to your comments.

Mine is a well established primarily seniors community with high standards. Biggest issue is always training new residents to conform to the lease and consistently maintain their property to the standards of the community. Most new residents have sold conventional personal homes and have moved to a community where they are no longer in complete control of the exterior of their home and the lot. This is a big change for many to be told how they must maintain their property.
I always choose my new applicants with the community and all other residents as a priority. For this reason most new residents adapt quickly but there are still a few over the years that do not adjust and need to be persuaded to leave or be evicted.
For most it is very similar to moving into a condo with a HOA . Some adjustment and minor push back is to be expected initially.

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Sounds like you have a good plan in place, do you send out newsletters or anything with helpful tips like optimal time for gutter cleaning or reminders to feed your lawn at certain intervals, skirting repair companies or local repair resources, cheap ways to clean the roof… stuff like that? I found over the years some people like it, some people throw them out but at least its a regular touch to give a heads up on a hack for easy cleaning and maintenance for things because I have seen that too, the downsizing into a different type of built home and the unsurety they come in with especially with siding, skirting, and insulation situations (ours are all above ground here no pit sets).

It is not necessary in a community like mine to send out tips or reminders. The best source of information for new residents is the community/neighbors and direct contact with me. Seniors tend to be very social and form a tight nit community atmosphere. I do stay in close contact with new residents for their first year in my community. This is easy for me as I am usually in the community one or two days each week.

Keep in mind I only own one senior’s community and would have a much different approach if I owned multiple communities or owned a “family” community. It that case a news letter would likely be the best option. I would not have the time or desire to care as much and would have a different business approach.